Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Lama aku tak update blog nie
Sekarang dah masuk cuti minggu kedua
Minggu depan dah start sekolah
Tahun last nie
Bestnya malam nie season finale Revenge
Ada sesiapa layan cerita nie tak dekat Star World 711 ?
Best giler kan cerita nie

Synopsis :
Revenge is a drama/thriller that takes place in the the Hamptons, a world of rich caviar and lavish living, that follows Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) a woman with a past that fuels revenge on the separation of her father and mother years ago. Now that she is older and wiser, but still the plan for revenge on all those who affected her life is fresh on her mind. One by one she plots and takes care of the lose ends that are in her life. Emily focuses the root of her hatred to the Hamptons to Victoria (Madeline Stowe), a rich, cunning woman who knows it all when it comes to Emily's horrible past. 

Revenge flashbacks back and forth to set up the story to what happened to Emily that makes her so hellbent on revenge. She finds her self succeeding in her mission one right after another. Created by Mike Kelley (Jerico, Swingtown), this is going to be a show where you are going to keep guessing who is the next target on Emily's "hit list". She starts to discover there is more to her past than she had ever dreamed of and things go from happy to sad rather quickly. 

Nak senang aku ringkaskan dlm Melayu
Cite nie mengisahkan Emily Thorne(Emily Van Camp)
Dy kembali ke Hamptons,tempat tinggal lama dy
Ayah dy David Clarke dipenjarakan atas perbuatan yang ayah dy xbuat pun
Emily Thorne kembali pun sebab nak balas dendam terhadap keluarga Grayson
Mcm2 la plan dy atur kan dgn bantuan Nolan Ross
Mmg xrugi la kalau tgk cite nie kat astro 711
Tapi malam nie season finale episod dah
Jgn lupa tgk tau pada sape yg minat cite thriller gini

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